Hoffman Counter Day Registration

August 12, 2016

Hoffman Counter Day Registration

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Find Time Saving Answers. Here at CES Bakersfield.

Forget custom sizes. Step-Up to Hoffman’s innovative pull-box extenders, which allow you to avoid the time-consuming hassle of enlarging an installed pull box. Step-Up increases the wire capacity of an existing installation by attaching to a standard Type 1 box. Don’t rip out and replace. Choose Step-Up – the new, off-the-shelf standard for expanding pull-box space.


These handy extenders are available in 17 sizes that arrive with little lead time – eliminating the need for a custom solution. Extenders and accessories maintain UL Type 1 rating.



• 20 Step-Up sizes in 4-inch depths are available in painted mild steel or galvanized finishes.

• Step-Up extenders can be configured to create 40 additional sizes when combined with existing pull boxes.

• Unique keyhole screw slots allow easy installation.

• Plated steel screws are included for mounting.

A bit more about it

Step-Up Type 1 pull box extenders allow you to increase the wire capacity of an installation without removing the existing pull box, saving you time and money. Additionally, extenders reduce the need for custom pull box sizes during installation. This new standard is available today or tomorrow, through a local distributor, versus 5–10 days from a local fabricator.

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